ASPREN GPs are at the forefront of disease detection

ASPREN GPs swab patients showing symptoms of influenza to find out exactly which influenza or respiratory virus their patient has. Positive influenza samples from ASPREN GPs are sent off to the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre and analysed to monitor the emergence of new flus including anti-viral resistant strains.

ASPREN GPs provide high quality of care to their patients

ASPREN GPs have access to state and federal disease surveillance reports which allow them to understand what viruses are circulating in their community at any given time. This information is useful in determining the best treatment for their patients.

ASPREN GPs give back to their communities

Being a part of ASPREN is a contribution to public health in Australia with our GPs being at the frontline of pandemic response. ASPREN GPs play a pivotal role in their community by providing valuable data to state and federal health departments on the levels of influenza circulating in their community.

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